FoodWhy your New Year's hangover won't be cured by coffee

Why your New Year's hangover won't be cured by coffee

Drinking coffee for a hangover is not the best idea.
Drinking coffee for a hangover is not the best idea.
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6:06 AM EST, January 1, 2024

After a raucous New Year's Eve party, you may be dealing with the unpleasant effects of a severe hangover. No one wants to start the New Year with headaches, dizziness, or debilitating nausea. So, how do we manage these adverse aftereffects of New Year's Eve?

Sadly, many of us can unintentionally make our conditions even worse. How so? Let's delve into it!

Coffee: A false remedy for a hangover

No one enjoys suffering from a hangover. That's why we generally want to get over it quickly. Many of us think drinking coffee would be an excellent remedy in such situations, assuming it will back us up. Regrettably, this idea is misguided. While coffee does have a stimulating effect, it is far from the best solution for a hangover. And for several reasons.

First, drinking coffee while hungover can further irritate the stomach. Consequently, unpleasant cramps and nausea could intensify. Also, coffee has a diuretic effect, which can result in dehydration. Rather than helping ourselves, we are unintentionally stripping our bodies of essential minerals and electrolytes.

When we're hungover, we often feel uneasy and anxious. Drinking coffee after a wild party can amplify these feelings. Furthermore, coffee can disrupt our sleep quality. Therefore, you cannot count on a peaceful rest, vital for a quick recovery. 

What to ingest other than coffee?

We are not ending this discussion without providing alternatives. Although coffee isn't the solution for treating a hangover, other effective strategies are available. Let's explore them!

First off, it is crucial to rehydrate the body when hungover; thus, drinking water is critical. Consider electrolyte drinks as well for replenishing vital minerals. Gentle herbal teas can help soothe the stomach. Fresh fruit and vegetable juices loaded with vitamins and minerals are also beneficial. 

How to deal with a bothersome hangover?
How to deal with a bothersome hangover?© Adobe Stock | Serhii

Last but not least, a homemade remedy many recommend is homemade chicken soup. It's believed to help with upset stomachs and replenishing energy. If you have other home remedies for dealing with a hangover, please share them in the comments below. Thank you!

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