LifestyleWhy your dog's sneezing could be more than just an allergy.

Why your dog's sneezing could be more than just an allergy.

Sneezing in a dog can be concerning.
Sneezing in a dog can be concerning.
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5:43 PM EST, January 20, 2024

Sneezing in dogs is fairly common. For instance, your pet might sneeze two or three times a day, which is a physiological reaction, similar to that in humans. In these instances, sneezing is not a worrying symptom and does not signify any health problems.

Many reasons can explain why a dog sneezes

However, sometimes sneezing can signal an illness. The frequency of sneezing is key. If your pet sneezes significantly more often than usual, it could indicate an allergy or a common cold. Like humans, dogs are particularly vulnerable to these illnesses during the autumn-winter season due to decreased immunity or bodily hypothermia.

In such situations, it's essential to maintain proper nutrition and hydration for the dog. It's also advisable to keep your pet warm. If the infection lasts beyond 2-3 days or other symptoms present themselves, you should consult a veterinarian.

Sneezing may also suggest that the dog has a foreign object lodged in its nose, perhaps from sniffing around. If it's small dust particles or plant pollen, veterinary intervention may not be necessary, as the dog will sneeze out the irritant. If it's larger objects, such as a worm or a blade of grass, you should seek professional help.

Is reverse sneezing in a dog dangerous?

It's crucial to note other symptoms that accompany your dog's sneezing. If your dog is weak, staggering and shaking, it could be a sign of babesiosis, a life-threatening pet disease. Additionally, frequent sneezing might indicate a parasite-induced disease or even a tumor in the nasal cavity.

Another concern is reverse sneezing. This usually lasts a few seconds to a minute, during which the dog stiffens and extends its head forward while making a "snorting" sound. Though it might look frightening and appear like your pet is choking, it does not harm your dog. The root causes of this behavior remain a mystery.

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