Tips&TricksWhy your bathroom door should open outwards: A safety and space planning guide

Why your bathroom door should open outwards: A safety and space planning guide

When buying a bathroom door, definitely remember this.
When buying a bathroom door, definitely remember this.
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1:44 PM EST, February 12, 2024

Bathroom doors are available in a variety of options, including glass, ventilation, and even with a cat entrance. However, these features become pointless if the doors open inward. It's not merely for convenience, but there's a more pressing consideration that is often overlooked. So why should bathroom doors open outwards?

Reasons for bathroom doors opening outwards

The logic behind bathroom doors opening outwards is similar to that for entry doors, which should also open outwards and never inwards. Convenience plays a part, but the main criterion for purchasing bathroom doors should be safety. Life often throws up unexpected scenarios, such as someone in the bathroom feeling unwell or even fainting. In these cases, doors that close inwards can cause difficulty when trying to assist the person or even exit the room.

Most public restrooms have doors that open outwards as a measure of safety, as well as for efficient space planning. This allows several cubicles to fit into a small room, and doors opening outwards facilitate this arrangement. What many do not realize is that bathroom doors can become a trap in our homes if we do not choose the appropriate model. If they close inward, they will be difficult to open in an emergency.

Additional considerations when purchasing bathroom doors

Doors opening outwards are not the only vital factor when choosing bathroom doors; ventilation is equally critical. There's a reason why some door models come with special vents that help eliminate excess moisture. Bathrooms are highly susceptible to mold growth, and these built-in vents can help to prevent this. Building regulations also specify the dimensions that bathroom doors should be, which ideally are 2 feet 7 inches wide and 6 feet 7 inches tall.

High-quality locks are essential for bathroom doors, not only for ensuring privacy but also for allowing quick access from the outside in case of an emergency. A model with frosted glass is a good choice, as it instantly indicates if someone is using the room. Another key factor is the material of the doors; don't skimp on this when buying bathroom doors, such as a laminate model.

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