AutosWhy trucks lift their wheels: Not a malfunction, but a smart move

Why trucks lift their wheels: Not a malfunction, but a smart move

Why are the wheels on trucks usually raised?
Why are the wheels on trucks usually raised?
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2:37 PM EST, November 27, 2023

Almost everyone has at some point seen a truck with its wheel lifted above the road surface. Viewed as a mechanical malfunction? Absolutely not. Instead, this is a deliberate action meant to assist drivers.

Roads host a vast number of trucks every day. They are most frequently seen on highways or expressways.

Quite often, trucks can be intimidating for passenger car drivers. However, it's important to realize that their presence on roads is essential. Naturally, traffic jams where trucks play a substantial role are to be expected.

When driving past trucks, elements that often seize our attention include the license plate or the carrier company. Perhaps many have also pondered why all wheels on some trucks don't touch the ground.

This phenomenon is not a malfunction. rather, it's an intentional maneuver designed to ease the lives of truck drivers.

Actually, the explanation is quite straightforward. The lifting of wheels is not an arbitrary choice by the driver, but rather, a response to objective circumstance. Most often, wheels are lifted when trucks drive unloaded or carry minimal loads. In these cases, there is no need to reduce the pressure on the axles in contact with the road. Lifting the axle can decrease friction, limit fuel consumption, and reduce wear on bearings as well as tires.
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