LifestyleWhy throwing three bay leaves into the washing machine can be a game-changer

Why throwing three bay leaves into the washing machine can be a game-changer

My wife adds a bay leaf to the laundry. She is clever in her purpose!
My wife adds a bay leaf to the laundry. She is clever in her purpose!
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1:19 PM EDT, November 2, 2023

Bay leaves in the washing machine may sound peculiar, even bizarre. Did someone forget to empty their pockets? Why would someone have bay leaves, a common kitchen spice, in their pockets? Even the great Sherlock Holmes might have trouble solving this mystery. However, the explanation is simple. Deliberately placing bay leaves in the washing machine serves a specific purpose.

Bay leaf is an integral ingredient in many soups and sauces. Complemented by traditional English herbs, it provides a distinct taste and aroma. However, its use extends beyond the kitchen. Some people take advantage of its aroma for aromatherapy, while others slip it under their pillows, believing it contributes to a better sleep. Furthermore, it proves to be effective in the fight against moths. Doesn't it seem like an essential household item?

Now, knowing that the bay leaf is not restricted to kitchen uses, let's escort it to the bathroom. This might seem far-fetched initially. Frankly, I too was skeptical when I first heard of it. However, it was revealed there's a well-defined purpose behind it.

Utilizing bay leaves in the washing machine

While doing our laundry shopping, we often understand how expensive laundry chemicals can be. Bleaches, stain removers, capsules, powders, fluids, gels, and starches cost a significant amount, and it's not easy to bypass their use. But, what if there was an alternative to some of these products?

That's exactly where bay leaves come into the picture. It comes as a surprise but this common kitchen spice has a strong bleaching and stain-removing property. Just add a few bay leaves to your laundry along with two teaspoons of baking soda and start your machine. You'll be pleased with the results.

Bay leaf has stain-removing and whitening effects.
Bay leaf has stain-removing and whitening effects.© Canva

Homemade laundry tips

Bay leaf is not the sole kitchen ingredient that can serve as a laundry helper. Salt can also be a useful addition. Adding two tablespoons of this common kitchen ingredient can help retain the vibrancy of white clothes and refresh colors. Surprisingly, eggshells have also been found to be useful for laundry purposes, but be sure to put them in a linen bag beforehand.

Creative homemakers have also found a way to utilize chestnuts for their laundry. It turns out they are rich in saponins, chemical compounds that are effective at dissolving dirt. A special powder can be prepared from peeled and blended chestnuts. You can either place this powder straight in a bag or a sock.

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