LifestyleWhy avoiding socks in bed could improve your sleep and health, according to latest research

Why avoiding socks in bed could improve your sleep and health, according to latest research

Why is it not worth it to sleep in socks?
Why is it not worth it to sleep in socks?
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5:04 AM EST, February 2, 2024, updated: 4:30 AM EST, March 7, 2024

Healthy sleep is crucial for our overall well-being, and part of ensuring this could involve paying attention to our choice of sleepwear. Mattress Next Day's experts point out that sleeping in socks can affect our sleep quality. But why is this so?

Do socks disrupt sleep? Here's what the science says

Many people believe that wearing socks might help the body relax and regulate temperature before sleep. However, this may not always be beneficial. Experts have noted potential health risks associated with going to bed wearing socks that have been worn throughout the day.

The reason lies in the potential for bacteria transfer from socks to bed linen. In an experiment, researchers sampled bacteria from the socks of a select group of participants. The findings revealed pseudomonas aeruginosa bacteria present in half of the samples.

The Sun portal reports that this bacteria is commonly found in water and soil, and it can lead to serious respiratory and urinary tract infections. Sampling other items, the researchers found that socks and doormats harbored the most bacteria.

Want to prevent infection? Keep this in mind

Experts suggest that if we need to warm our feet or wish to nap, we should change into freshly laundered socks before climbing into bed or curling upon the couch. This simple but important hygiene tip is unfortunately ignored by up to 30% of the population. The significance of this safety measure is apparent in the results of this research.

Moreover, experts recommend choosing socks made of wool or cotton. Synthetic fibers do not agree well with the skin and can induce sweating.

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