LifestyleWhy all oat flakes aren't created equal: The breakfast choice to avoid

Why all oat flakes aren't created equal: The breakfast choice to avoid

Oatmeal for breakfast
Oatmeal for breakfast
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5:23 PM EST, November 11, 2023

Oatmeal is undeniably one of the healthiest breakfasts we can opt for. Dietitians often underline the remarkable benefits of oat flakes, the fundamental ingredient of this dish. However, it's worth noting that not all oat flakes are created equal. Different sorts can possess different properties, so finding out which will prove most beneficial for our bodies, and which are less beneficial, is worth our time.

Rife with praise, oatmeal, also known as milk soup with oat flakes, could inspire volumes due to its health benefits and diverse range of flakes for preparation. Being infinitely adaptable, most chefs and celebrities who prepare oatmeal concur on one principle: the healthier, the better. Therefore, oatmeal usually includes not just oat flakes, but also fruits and nuts for added health benefits. All told, it's challenging to find a healthier dish.

But, today, we want to concentrate on oatmeal's main component - oat flakes. If you're an oatmeal aficionado, you've likely noticed oat flakes come in at least three distinct types. How do regular, mountain, and instant oats vary? Principally, in their content of health-beneficial trace elements.

Is oatmeal always a healthy choice for breakfast?

All types of oat flakes originate from the same source - oats. The kind of flakes we opt for is determined by preparation methods.

The main distinguishing factor of these flakes is their cooking time. Regular flakes need around 10 minutes of cooking, mountain ones require between 2 and 5 minutes, and instant oats just need a quick soak in warm milk or water. While each type has a similar protein and fat content, outperforming many other breakfast options, it's crucial to remember that manufacturing processes can alter the vitamin and mineral content.

So, which oat flakes are the healthiest?

Without a doubt, the least processed option, regular flakes, retain the most nutritional value. If you're keen on maximizing the health benefits of oatmeal, these are the flakes you should pick.

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Another factor that sets regular flakes apart as the best choice, and instant the worst, is the glycemic index. Upon cooking, it's 53 in regular flakes, but could rise up to 83 in instant flakes.

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