EntertainmentWhoopi Goldberg bucks Hollywood trend, vows fortune for daughter

Whoopi Goldberg bucks Hollywood trend, vows fortune for daughter

Whoopi Goldberg
Whoopi Goldberg
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6:04 PM EDT, May 5, 2024

Recently, the trend among celebrities of not leaving their children a hefty inheritance to encourage independence and self-reliance has gained attention. However, Whoopi Goldberg, the American actress, expresses her disagreement with this approach.

Daniel Craig was among the first to declare his intention not to leave his fortune to his offspring, stating, "It would be distasteful. According to my philosophy, I should either spend it or give it away before I pass." He adheres to the belief that dying wealthy signifies a life failure, hence his decision not to leave a significant inheritance for his two daughters.

Similarly, Jeff Goldblum has no plans to leave his wealth to his children. The esteemed Hollywood actor plans to teach his children a valuable lesson: - You must navigate your own path! I won't do it for you; you wouldn't want me to. It's crucial for them to find what is truly important and, perhaps, aligns with their interests, even if it means undertaking tasks they're not keen on.

Whoopi Goldberg, renowned for her performance in "Ghost" which earned her an Oscar, playfully remarked on a TV program: - Perhaps I'm the odd one out. After my passing, all the money I’ve accumulated will be inherited by my daughter. It's noteworthy that Goldberg's estate is estimated at 60 million dollars.

Responding to Goldblum's statement, Whoopi mentioned her intention to always assist her daughter, Alexandrea Martin, in navigating life. Goldberg became a mother to Alexandrea at the age of 19, and she praises her daughter for being hardworking, frugal, and not entitled.

- It all boils down to the character of the child. My daughter is an incredibly grounded person. Having worked as a waitress, she knows the value of hard work, isn't wasteful or greedy, which is why I see no reason to withhold my earnings from her – Whoopi Goldberg concludes.

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