LifestyleWhite mold menace: How to save your houseplants from damage

White mold menace: How to save your houseplants from damage

White residue in the flowerpot. How to combat it?
White residue in the flowerpot. How to combat it?
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11:34 AM EDT, May 20, 2024

Characteristic white mold attacks house plants due to improper care. Unfortunately, it is dangerous for our plants, so we must act quickly. Here are some tips on how to get rid of the white coating in the pot.

White coating appearing on the soil in the pot is concerning for flowers. This phenomenon often occurs when potted flowers are not cared for properly. Mold can quickly transfer to the plant and damage it, necessitating immediate action.

It's also worth noting that some types of mold are hazardous to humans, especially those with allergies. Spores spread in the air, attacking the respiratory system and causing severe reactions.

Is it really mold? How to recognize it?

It turns out that we do not always encounter mold that is dangerous to plants. White coating can also appear on the soil in the pot if hard water flows from the tap. In this case, a lime deposits sediments from the water used for watering (which remains after evaporation). Such a coating is not harmful, although it may be unsightly—scoop it out with a spoon and ensure you use better-quality water.

Hard tap water requires filtering before use. You can also boil it and let it cool. However, if the coating is not complicated but soft and fluffy, it is a sign that mold has appeared in the pot. With the right tips and home methods, we can easily save houseplants from it.

How to get rid of the white coating in the pot? Saving infected flowers

If the flower soil is covered with a layer of mold, it is best to replant the plant immediately and dispose of the soil (into compost or mixed waste). This ensures the removal of all spores. Be sure to do this outdoors, in the fresh air (e.g., on a terrace or balcony), to avoid releasing the spores indoors. Before reuse, it is crucial to wash and properly disinfect the pot. Use alcohol or vinegar; ceramic pots can also be placed in an oven preheated to 390°F for 20 minutes.

Better to prevent than to cure. Home remedies for mold

To prevent mold from reappearing, we need to pay attention to the proper care of potted plants and correct any mistakes. Often, these mistakes involve incorrect watering. Before watering a plant, check if the top layer of soil is dehydrated. If it is still moist, the plant does not need more water. The pots should have appropriate drainage holes and a saucer.

Not all species need a lot of water. These plants are best watered through the saucer. The substrate slowly absorbs the water, preventing overwatering. A drainage layer of expanded clay is also beneficial. Sprinkle a thin layer before filling the pot with soil and planting the plant.

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