NewsWhite House's firm stance on Israel's attack on Gaza Strip

White House's firm stance on Israel's attack on Gaza Strip

John Kirby
John Kirby
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4:04 PM EDT, October 28, 2023

The White House has not explicitly confirmed whether Israel has notified the US of the expansion of ground operations in the Gaza Strip. John Kirby, the spokesperson for National Security Council, has declined to provide detailed information. "I just want to make it clear that we are actively working on this with our Israeli counterparts" said Kirby.

He abstained from confirming whether the Biden administration is certain that Israel has thoroughly considered the potential fallouts of a ground offensive.

Additionally, Kirby noted he doesn't want to discuss the Israeli military's decision-making approach or the current situation unfolding in Gaza. Notwithstanding his reticence, he did mention that the Biden administration has queried Israel on several critical issues. These include questions like, "What are your objectives? What's the strategy? Do you have a clear projection of how and when this will cease?" Drawing from past experiences, he reiterated that these are pertinent questions that need to be raised.

"Negotiations for a ceasefire"

Kirby confirmed that US administration is engaged in active discussions with Israel regarding a ceasefire.

"We’re in discussions not only with the Israelis about what hostage recovery could look like, but with other allies and partners in the region" Kirby stated. He underscored that the fewer details divulged about hostage negotiations, the safer it is for the hostages.

The representative of the White House refrained from passing any remarks about the activities of the Israeli Defense Forces or verifying whether Israeli troops have entered the Gaza Strip. In addition, he declared that the US will not dictate any "red lines" for the Israeli military.

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