NewsWhite House Worried as Israel Considers Ground Operation in Lebanon

White House Worried as Israel Considers Ground Operation in Lebanon

Joe Biden
Joe Biden
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4:31 AM EST, March 1, 2024

CNN, drawing on insights from a senior official in the American administration, emphasizes that escalating tensions between Israel and Hezbollah could soon lead to a ground invasion. "We're operating under the assumption that an Israeli intervention will occur in the coming months. It might not be in the next few weeks, but potentially still this spring. An Israeli military operation seems very likely," shared the source with CNN.

Despite no final decision being made by Israel, the Joe Biden administration is taking the possibility of such an action very seriously. The ongoing military conflict in the Gaza Strip has seen continuous exchanges of fire between Israel and Lebanon.

In these confrontations with Lebanon, Israel mainly employs artillery alongside jets and drones to strike enemy targets. Conversely, Hezbollah counters with a significant arsenal of missiles and rockets.

The intensity of Israeli shelling into Lebanese territory has escalated. Air strikes and bombings have intensified, leading to the evacuation of residents from border areas further into the country. This includes the evacuation of 100,000 Israelis by Israel and several tens of thousands of Lebanese by Lebanon as they move to safer areas.

The United States remains a crucial mediator in efforts to halt the conflict in the Gaza Strip, concurrently engaging in discussions with Israeli and Lebanese officials. The goal is to create a wide buffer zone in southern Lebanon, which American officials believe could prevent an Israeli ground intervention in the near future.
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