LifestyleWhen your dog's itch is more than just a scratch. Detecting and dealing with ear infections

When your dog's itch is more than just a scratch. Detecting and dealing with ear infections

It's worth observing how often the dog scratches its ear.
It's worth observing how often the dog scratches its ear.
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4:54 PM EST, January 18, 2024

Identifying the reason behind a dog's scratching can be challenging. The behavior might be random, or it could be an early sign of a health issue. Often, scratching is indicative of allergies or skin irritations. The delicate tissue inside a dog's ear can unintentionally be harmed by the dog, potentially during vigorous play.

Scratching can signal an ear condition

It's essential to monitor any changes in your dog's behavior. Dogs can't directly communicate their discomfort; we must deduce it from their behavior. If your dog is intermittently scratching its ear, it's typically not a pressing concern; he's likely just dealing with an itch. On the other hand, if the scratching persists and intensifies, it might hint at a developing inflammation.

If your pet suffers from ear pain, it may frequently shake its head, another cause for alarm. Outward signs may include redness or swelling around or within the ear, and an abnormally high quantity of discharge should also trigger concern.

Dealing with ear inflammation in dogs: an overview

If you suspect your dog has an ear infection, you should consult a vet without delay. Ear infections can contribute to hearing loss, making them a severe concern. Fortunately, treatments are usually straightforward and noninvasive, though not always comfortable for the dog. The first step is diagnosing the cause, as besides inflammation, the pet might also be dealing with allergies or pests attacking the ear.

For allergies, it's important to minimize exposure to allergens that harm the dog. In the case of parasites, the appropriate treatments must be used to eliminate them. Treating the inflammation itself typically involves administering ear drops.

While cleaning a dog's ears with special products regularly is advisable, only do so when necessary, such as if the dog has long hair around the ears. Otherwise, simply respond to any signs of trouble.

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