FoodWhen to eat fruit: Timing and pairings can boost health benefits

When to eat fruit: Timing and pairings can boost health benefits

The worst time to eat fruit. A time-delayed bomb.
The worst time to eat fruit. A time-delayed bomb.
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12:28 PM EST, February 12, 2024

While many acknowledge the health advantages of consuming fruits, the timing of this consumption often gets less attention. Interestingly, not only does the type of fruit matter, but the time we eat it can significantly influence our health and weight.

Choosing mornings for fruit consumption: Why is it beneficial?

Our blood glucose level quickly spikes upon eating fruits, only to drop shortly afterwards. Our metabolic rate is high during the early half of the day, and digestive enzymes are working efficiently. This means the fruits' energy will be effectively used up by the afternoon. Consuming fruits for breakfast or as a mid-morning snack kickstarts the brain and delivers energy sufficient for the entire day.

Fruits as a dessert: A misstep?

Eating fruits immediately following a heavy meal can potentially cause fermentation and digestive issues, as the simple sugars in the fruits might not be fully absorbed. Consequently, the excess calories are stored as fat. A better approach is to enjoy fruits 15 minutes before a meal or wait between 1-4 hours post-meal, depending on the type of meal.

Eating fruits later in the day requires caution

The body's metabolism typically slows down during the afternoon and evening. Eating fruits at this part of the day may result in more sugar being stored as fat since the body won't efficiently consume the simple sugars from fruits, instead storing them as fat.

Smart pairings: What goes well with fruits?

Fruits work harmoniously with food products that neither hinder their digestion nor disrupt blood glucose levels. Excellent pairings include yogurt, kefir, cereal flakes, nuts, or cottage cheese. Fruits also complement oatmeal, salads, and smoothies brilliantly.

Remember, while fruits are a vital source of nutrients, their consumption at the proper time and in combination with other food items can significantly boost nutrient absorption and improve overall body health.

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