TechWhatsApp introduces new chat bubbles to enhance user experience

WhatsApp introduces new chat bubbles to enhance user experience

WhatsApp is preparing something new
WhatsApp is preparing something new
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4:01 PM EDT, May 26, 2024

WhatsApp is working on a new chat personalization option. Users can soon choose from several colors for the "bubbles" seen in conversations by default. This will allow them to change the classic green color that has accompanied WhatsApp chats since its inception.

WhatsApp is becoming more like Messenger in another way. This time, the app will introduce color bubble settings, similar to the themes we know from Facebook Messenger. Chat personalization in WhatsApp works a bit differently, though. Users can already choose from multiple background colors (independently for both light and dark modes), but bubble colors have remained exclusively green, strongly associated with WhatsApp.

With the change already visible in the test version of WhatsApp for iOS (version, users will be able to choose from - in addition to green - blue, gray, pink, or purple. Along with the selected wallpaper, these settings will be applied by default to all new conversations in the app. It's likely that later, users will be able to adjust single chats to their preferences individually.

At this point, it is not clear when the new option will be included in the stable release of the app. However, WhatsApp is known for its rapid development and consistent implementation of all tested features. We estimate that the new settings will appear in the stable version of WhatsApp within a few weeks or months.

Simultaneously, the developers are also working on other features, including creating profile pictures using artificial intelligence. WhatsApp will allow users to input so-called prompts, based on which AI will generate an image. There will likely be additional commands "in the background" to prevent the creation of offensive images. Still, the function promises to be a helpful feature, especially for users who do not wish to upload their profile picture to the app.

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