TechWhatsApp introduces a new login feature: A simple yet satisfying update

WhatsApp introduces a new login feature: A simple yet satisfying update

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3:41 PM EST, November 21, 2023

WhatsApp has rolled out a new feature that simplifies the usage of its app. With the updated version of the messenger designed for iOS devices, users can now log in using an email address, a feature that may prove useful in various situations.

A report from the editorial team of reveals the new login feature made available to WhatsApp users. People using devices with the iOS system can now access the messenger through their email address. This newly added function is being released to a broad range of users, with the corresponding application update marked 23.24.70.

Before this update, a phone number was essential for using WhatsApp. This aspect remains unchanged - the phone number will still be linked to the user's account, and the app's usage without it is impossible. Nevertheless, users can now connect their email address with their WhatsApp account, facilitating an alternative method for logging into the messenger.

Understanding the new WhatsApp login method

The new login procedure is pretty straightforward. Once an email address is linked to the user's account, it can be used for login purposes. Upon entering the email in the required field, a unique six-digit code will be sent to the email address, enabling the user to access the messenger.

This new feature could be particularly beneficial when a user cannot utilize an SMS code, such as when they do not have their phone on hand or lack signal.

If you're missing this new WhatsApp feature, fret not. It may take several weeks for the complete worldwide rollout and availability of this feature. However, rest assured that it will be incorporated into the full version of the app and will eventually be accessible to all iPhone users.

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