NewsWhat will Israel do? Macron calls for an end to bombings

What will Israel do? Macron calls for an end to bombings

Macron calls on Israel to stop killing women and children in Gaza.
Macron calls on Israel to stop killing women and children in Gaza.
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12:02 PM EST, November 11, 2023

French President Emmanuel Macron is urging Israel to "stop killing women and children in Gaza." In an exclusive interview with the BBC, he asserted that "there is no justification" for bombing civilian areas.

"Civilians are being bombed today. These children, these women, these elderly people are being bombed and killed. There's no reason or legitimacy for this. Therefore, we are calling on Israel to stop these actions," said Macron in a conversation with the BBC.

The French leader stressed that France "unequivocally condemns" the terrorist actions of Hamas. "We share Israel's pain and their desire to eradicate terrorism. We know what terrorism means in France," added Macron. However, he argued that "there is no justification" for the ongoing bombings of civilians in Gaza.

"This is extremely important to all of us as democracies. From both a medium and long-term perspective and also for the security of Israel itself, it is vital to acknowledge that every human life matters," explained the French president.

Macron: We need to establish a ceasefire

On Thursday, Emmanuel Macron initiated a conference in Paris to discuss the humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip. During his speech, he emphasized the need for a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas.

"In the near future, we need to protect civilians. We need to push for a ceasefire," Macron asserted. "This must be possible," he added.

The goal of the conference, convened by the French president, is to strive to provide humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip, a goal that has become almost impossible due to the unremitting bombing from Israel since Hamas's violent attack on the country on October 7.

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