EntertainmentWhat is the sexiest eye color? Research indicates which one is considered the most attractive

What is the sexiest eye color? Research indicates which one is considered the most attractive

What does your eye color say about you?
What does your eye color say about you?
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2:56 PM EDT, October 23, 2023

Have you ever wondered what your eye color says about you? Perhaps you've come across the popular saying that eyes are the "mirror of the soul". But could there be a grain of truth in this old saying? This is the question that Scottish psychologists have asked themselves and decided to investigate whether there is any correlation between eye color and certain character traits.

These studies were initiated by Dr. Anthony Fallone from the University of Edinburgh. His aim was to discover whether there is any link between eye color and human personality. Interestingly, the inspiration to conduct these studies came from the researcher's own eyes, which are brown.

Dark brown eyes

Let's start with people with dark brown or black eyes. They are the most common, as over 70% of the world's population has them. Research results, which were published in the journal "Current Psychology", showed that most participants with dark eyes tended to be more agreeable and were rated as more likable compared to the rest of the subjects. People with brown or black eyes are often seen as "born leaders". They are also attributed with traits such as empathy, sensitivity, and a tendency to be helpful. They're often referred to as the "life of the party".

Blue eyes

The study also showed that people with blue eyes are often perceived as selfish, non-empathetic, and competitive. Additionally, a study conducted in 2005 showed that blue-eyed children are often reluctant to new activities and less sociable compared to their peers with dark irises.

Gray eyes

And what about people with gray eyes? According to studies, they have an excellent ability to "read the environment" and adapt to its requirements - but this should not be confused with manipulation! They have been identified as well-adapted socially and clever. Studies have also shown that people with gray eyes are often seen as hardworking, tolerant, and possessing the ability to concentrate intensely.

Brown eyes

Dr. Fallone initiated this research, inspired by his own beer-colored eyes. People with such eye color were evaluated as those who have a strong need for independence, value spontaneity, and unpredictability.

Green eyes

People with green eyes might feel unique. During the study, participants with such an iris color were rated as the most attractive. If we look at the stereotypes regarding green eyes, which circulate in our cultural circle, green-eyed individuals are often attributed with a tendency to envy ("green with envy"). However, in the discussed study, green eyes were rather associated with traits such as creativity or... malice.

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