LifestyleWhat happens when you drink during meals? An expert clarifies

What happens when you drink during meals? An expert clarifies

The expert commented on drinking water during meals.
The expert commented on drinking water during meals.
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12:28 PM EDT, October 29, 2023

The subject of drinking while consuming meals has often been a hot topic of discussion. If you are unsure about what stance to take, ensure you read this article to the end - soon, everything will be clearer!

Food is a crucial component of our life, indispensable for our normal functioning. Yet, we routinely consume meals almost mechanically, without considering whether we are doing it right or wrong. However, it merits a pause and a deeper examination of this subject.

Now that you're here, spend a bit more time with this read. Shortly, you will discover what transpires inside your body when you drink water while eating.

Fact or Fiction?

Being in this world for over 30 years , I've encountered various viewpoints regarding drinking during meals. Several people contend that drinking water during dinner leads to eating less food, as we feel satiated sooner. At the same time, there are those who don't subscribe to such theories, dismissing them as common cliches disconnected from reality. Furthermore, some even posit that drinking during meals could adversely affect the digestion process.

So where does the truth lie? An expert steps in to explicate what exactly occurs in our bodies when we simultaneously consume fluids with meals.

The Expert's Explanation

We asked a clinical dietitian for her opinion. She revealed key facts about drinking water during meals.

"Does drinking water with meals disrupt digestion? Though fluids indeed traverse the digestive system faster than solids, they don’t influence the rate of digestion for solid foods or dilute the stomach acid and digestive enzymes," clarifies the expert.

She also underscores that water can be helpful in breaking down large food particles, assisting their movement towards the stomach. As a result, issues with constipation and bloating may no longer be bothersome inconveniences.

"Drinking water with meals can create a pause between bites, giving a moment to assess hunger and fullness cues. It can prevent overeating, and even aid in weight loss," the expert continues.

Dietitian also draws attention to the fact that the best beverage to accompany meals is pure water. Furthermore, she notes that consuming strong alcohol with meals not only impedes the functioning of the digestive system but also curtails salivation.

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