EntertainmentWhat a blunder. She boasted about a tattoo with a mistake

What a blunder. She boasted about a tattoo with a mistake

The actress has a new tattoo - with a spelling mistake.
The actress has a new tattoo - with a spelling mistake.
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10:01 AM EDT, September 30, 2023, updated: 9:16 AM EDT, October 5, 2023

Fans were astonished when they saw the new tattoo on the body of the famous actress and supermodel. The 31-year-old already has a sizable collection of permanent decorations on her body, but so far none of her tattoo artists have made a spelling mistake. Just one letter was enough to spoil everything.

Cara Delevingne is a runway and Hollywood star, known for hits such as "Paper Towns," "Pan," and "The Suicide Squad." Recently, she could be seen on the small screen in the series "Carnival Row" and "American Horror Story," but she is already working on four more projects.

The 31-year-old recently had some free time, which she spent in Padua, Italy. That's where the tattoo studio of Matteo Nangeroni, who decorated the star's arm, is located. Delevingne began getting tattoos 10 years ago - the first was a lion's head on her index finger. Later, she got a pair of eyes on her neck, a colorful rose on her ribs, a heart outline on her thumb, and even the word "Bacon" on her sole.

Delevingne has about 20 tattoos on various parts of her body in total. An Italian tattoo artist adorned her arm with an artistic depiction of a woman's face and a caption that surprised her fans. The star decided to tattoo the word "Dormiveglia" with its dictionary definition in English on herself.

"Dormiveglia" is Italian for "sleepy"/"half asleep". Meanwhile, the tattooed definition reads: "The space that stretches between sleeping and walking". Something doesn't add up? Of course, because instead of "walking" it should be "waking". So it seems that the tattoo artist mistakenly "added" the letter "L", which formed a completely different word that doesn't fit into the context.

Interestingly, Nangeroniego did not admit to the mistake after numerous comments on Instagram. He only suggested that this was the actress's vision. She also did not respond to the alleged blunder, but only defended posing topless for the photo. The actress emphasized that she is a perfectionist and posing in a bra did not yield the desired effects. Therefore, she undressed to show her new tattoo on her arm.

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