NewsWestern special forces secretly in Ukraine? Statement by anonymous official

Western special forces secretly in Ukraine? Statement by anonymous official

Security Service of Ukraine. Illustrative photo.
Security Service of Ukraine. Illustrative photo.
Images source: © SBU
6:39 AM EST, February 28, 2024

An anonymous senior official of a European defense department told the British newspaper Financial Times that special forces soldiers from Western countries are in Ukraine. This happened against the backdrop of confusion over the French president's words.

- "Everyone knows that Western special forces are in Ukraine, they just haven't officially admitted it," the official said, requesting anonymity.

The Financial Times reports that this comment was in response to French President Emmanuel Macron's remarks, which did not dismiss the possibility of European countries deploying troops to Ukraine. The FT source believes Macron's statement aims to "create ambiguity and deter Russia".

The US firmly says "no"

The Kremlin warned that deploying troops from Europe to Ukraine would inevitably lead to a direct conflict between Russia and NATO.

The topic of sending Western troops to Ukraine was brought up at the Monday summit in Paris, where officials from over 20 countries discussed strategies to enhance support for Ukraine. French President Emmanuel Macron mentioned that the option of sending Western ground forces to Ukraine in the future should not be dismissed.

The United States has officially stated it will not deploy American troops to fight in Ukraine, according to a White House announcement. “One thing is certain: there will be no land forces from European countries or NATO. That's for sure,” Olaf Scholz posted on the social networking service X.

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