News"We will completely destroy Israel". Expert predicted the Hamas attack

"We will completely destroy Israel". Expert predicted the Hamas attack

An Israeli expert predicted a Hamas attack on Israel.
An Israeli expert predicted a Hamas attack on Israel.
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8:13 AM EDT, October 10, 2023

Hamas brutally attacked Israel. One of the Israeli experts reveals that he had predicted this scenario two months ago. He published his concerns.

Yigal Carmon, president and co-founder of the Middle East Media Research Institute, is recognized as an expert in the field of Middle Eastern media. Two months ago, he predicted a Hamas attack on Israel and published his thoughts in an analysis entitled "Signs of Possible War in September - October".

In an interview with Italian television RAI, he explained that all signals of an impending attack could have been found on the internet.

Hamas published a video

Carmon is a leader of the organization that monitors and translates Arabic and Persian publications, as well as radio and television broadcasts. On Monday, he said, "It is very simple, but everything was on the internet. People from Hamas distributed a video in which their training is visible on the site of a specially recreated kibbutz, built for this purpose".

He added that Hamas received high-grade explosives from Iran, which were smuggled through Egypt. - I thought they couldn't not proceed with such kind of weapon - the expert noted.

Carmon analyzed many recordings, including a military parade broadcast by Iranian television. During this parade, kamikaze drones and a missile arsenal were shown. Then the words were also said: "We will level Israel with the ground".

In response to the question of why Israeli intelligence was not aware of the threat, Carmon answered: "Many intelligence agencies are focused on obtaining secret information about the most elaborate systems, while the simplest way to obtain them is to use open sources".

- It's not just a matter of intelligence, but human relations. Israel experienced a failure in this regard - assessed Carmon.

He emphasized that Israel has launched an offensive. - But we should worry about the hostages, held by terrorists - he added.

- But Israel cannot surrender. Hamas is hiding underground, and this can't continue for long. At some point, it must start to worry about what is happening on the surface, with its people, and release our hostages - the speaker announced on Italian television.

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