Tips&TricksWave goodbye to skinny jeans: 'Wide leg' pants storm back into fashion

Wave goodbye to skinny jeans: 'Wide leg' pants storm back into fashion

"Wide leg" type pants are a must-have in the wardrobe of every mature woman.
"Wide leg" type pants are a must-have in the wardrobe of every mature woman.
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12:14 PM EST, January 28, 2024, updated: 4:44 AM EST, March 7, 2024

Fashion is like a boomerang; trends shift with each passing year. Not too long ago, we were all about tight skinny jeans, a style statement from the 80s. This trend had a prominent reign of around ten years. Now, it's time for it to bow out.

Skinny jeans are no longer the go-to style, and taking their space in the fashion world are "wide-leg" pants. They're loose-fitting pants that widen towards the bottom. They're flattering for everyone, regardless of age or body type. These pants can visually slim and elongate your legs. Wondering what to pair them with? We've got some suggestions.

"Mom jeans" or "wide leg" pants?

Remember how "mom jeans" made a comeback around three years ago? They were straight-leg pants featuring a high waist, a revisitation of the 80s style. They could complement any figure. The high waist accentuates the waistline while concealing the midriff, and the straight legs help to slim the silhouette. But now, "mom jeans" have made way for "wide-leg" pants.

"Wide leg" pants are high-waisted trousers that amplify towards the bottom. They're reminiscent of the iconic bell bottoms of the '60s, but their flaring begins at the hip instead of the knee. As such, their look is lightweight and chic. They can fit into any fashion look, be it elegant or casual.

Over 50? These pants are perfect for you

The latest fashion trend is the "wide leg" pants with a raised waist. These pants gracefully hide the tummy area and gracefully highlight the waist. Are you wondering what tops to pair with them? They go well with turtlenecks, elegant shirts, blouses, and sweaters.

The type of shoes you pair with these pants also plays a pivotal role. Sneakers can add a casual flair to the outfit. For a more elegant look, opt for high-heeled shoes. This choice will make you look fabulously stylish and further elongate your legs visually. Accessorize with a black leather belt for maximum waist emphasis.

This flattering style is readily available in most chain stores, catering to every figure by highlighting the best of it. Opt for dark denim – a timeless color complements any style.

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