LifestyleWave goodbye to dry hands with simple kitchen remedies

Wave goodbye to dry hands with simple kitchen remedies

How to deal with dry hands using home remedies?
How to deal with dry hands using home remedies?
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5:19 PM EST, November 8, 2023

The fall-winter season often brings with it the problem of dry hands. Struggling to deal with this issue? You don't need to splurge on expensive creams or lotions. The solution you might need - deeply moisturizing and regenerative ingredients - is likely in your kitchen already. One of them? An onion.

During the fall and winter, our skin endures lower temperatures, leading to dryness. What causes this? As temperatures drop, the air becomes less moist and the activity of the sebaceous glands slows down significantly. If we neglect the delicate skin of our hands during this time, they can become dry very quickly. Extreme cases may show symptoms such as cracking, bleeding, and pain.

So, it's a good practice to carry gloves when temperatures stoop below 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Most people tend to moisturize their hands using various creams. However, if these fail to produce the desired results or if you're unwilling to spend on them, there are alternative home remedies you can try.

Consider using an onion or other food products

You may have heard of using onions as a remedy for insect bites. But its magic doesn't end there. It appears that onions can also help tackle the problem of dry hands. Being packed with vitamins such as C, A, B, E, and K, along with zinc, magnesium, calcium, and iron, this vegetable offers valuable antioxidants for the skin.

Home remedies for dry hands

Simply rub a cut onion on your hand to bid farewell to dry skin. Its 'juice' has been known to lighten discolorations and strengthen nails. However, if the potent smell of the onion dissuades you, there are other food products on offer, like avocado. Mix a mashed half of an avocado with a tablespoon of honey and apply it on your hands like a nourishing mask. Wash it off after letting it sit for 20 minutes. Alternatively, massaging your hands with slightly warmed olive oil, followed by wearing gloves overnight, can guarantee effective results.

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