FoodWater dethroned: Skim milk proven best for quenching your thirst

Water dethroned: Skim milk proven best for quenching your thirst

Which drink quenches thirst the best? It's not water at all.
Which drink quenches thirst the best? It's not water at all.
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2:03 PM EDT, June 30, 2024

Water is considered the most effective way to quench thirst. However, scientific studies show that there are products that handle this task much better. This is certainly good news for those who are not big fans of consuming this colorless liquid.

Sometimes we feel intense thirst, especially during hot summer days. At such times, we often reach for various drinks, such as coffee, tea, juices, or water. Some of us even choose beer. But have you ever wondered which of these drinks is the most effective at quenching thirst? It turns out water is not at the top of this list.

Which drinks are best at quenching thirst? Scientists share their insights

A group of researchers from St. Andrews University in Scotland decided to investigate the issue of body hydration. They conducted studies on various beverages to identify the most effective in quenching thirst. After some time, they published their results, indicating the best drink that handles this task. To the surprise of many, it was not water. The winner of this ranking may surprise you. Would you have expected such a result?

According to scientists, these drinks are most effective in quenching thirst:

  1. Skim milk
  2. glucose-electrolyte solutions/liquids
  3. regular milk
  4. orange juice
  5. cola
  6. tea
  7. isotonic drinks
  8. still water
  9. carbonated water
  10. beer
  11. coffee

Skim milk tops the ranking

Many people were surprised to learn that milk is the most effective way to hydrate the body. The key to understanding this phenomenon lies in the ratios of nutrients contained in milk. Skim milk is rich in protein but contains little fat and sugars. These components are absorbed by our bodies, effectively helping to quench thirst.

So why did water only place 8th and 9th in the ranking? Let’s recall what happens when we suddenly drink a large amount of water. After a few minutes, we must go to the restroom because our bladder is full. In practice, this means we get rid of water as quickly as we consume it. It is different in the case of milk — even if we eliminate the liquid, our body has already absorbed the necessary nutrients.

Skim milk is a drink that hydrates excellently.
Skim milk is a drink that hydrates excellently.© Canva | Good shoot
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