FoodWater Before Bed: Boost Your Health or Break Your Sleep?

Water Before Bed: Boost Your Health or Break Your Sleep?

Should you drink water before going to sleep?
Should you drink water before going to sleep?
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6:13 PM EDT, April 16, 2024

Should you drink water before sleeping? On one hand, this practice might lead to unwanted awakenings due to the need to urinate. On the other hand, ensuring your body is properly hydrated before sleep can enhance physical and mental regeneration. So, how do we find the balance?

Hydration is crucial for maintaining your health. A well-hydrated body performs better and more efficiently. According to the WHO, the ideal daily fluid intake is about 1 ounce per 2.2 pounds of body weight. This can vary, though, as people who engage in physical activities might need more. But what about drinking water before bedtime? Should you avoid it or make it a habit to have a glass of water at night?

Drinking water before sleep: A good idea?

Sleep is a time for rest, but your body needs to be hydrated. Drinking a glass of still water before bed helps prevent dehydration and accelerates the body's detoxification process. Adequate hydration benefits organ function, regulates body temperature, safeguards against dry mucous membranes, improves cerebral blood flow, which can prevent post-wake headaches, and supports restful sleep.

Low hydration levels adversely affect the cardiovascular system, among others. Throughout the day, gravity causes water to accumulate in the lower parts of the body, leading to swollen feet by evening. When lying down, however, your legs align with your kidneys, which helps circulate blood and remove toxins more efficiently, assuming you're hydrated. Insufficient hydration can decrease blood pressure and volume, forcing the heart to work harder.

The best time for your last glass of water before sleeping

Drinking an adequate amount of fluid is essential not only before bed but throughout the entire day. Still, having a glass of water at night can be beneficial, provided it’s limited to one glass and consumed at least half an hour before bed. Some advice suggests avoiding large quantities of fluid two hours before sleeping.

Is drinking water before sleep healthy?
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This varies from person to person, so it’s best to tailor the timing to your body’s needs. Why? Water consumed before bed can lead to frequent bathroom trips at night, disrupting sleep and the vital sleep stages needed for physical and mental rejuvenation.

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