LifestyleWashing machine hygiene: How to prevent bacterial growth and maintain efficiency

Washing machine hygiene: How to prevent bacterial growth and maintain efficiency

How to clean rubber seals in a washing machine?
How to clean rubber seals in a washing machine?
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2:04 PM EST, February 10, 2024

The gasket, also known as the bellows, is a crucial component of every washing machine. It handles tasks such as isolating water, collecting dirt, and preventing leaks. However, due to the nature of its construction and the material from which it's made, it also serves as an ideal breeding habitat for bacteria, resulting in potential growth of mildew and fungi.

The importance of cleaning the gasket

When the gasket is not cleaned regularly, excess dirt tends to accumulate, which can subsequently end up on your laundry. Consequently, your clothes may end up dirtier after a wash.

A neglected gasket becomes a perfect habitat for mold, not only polluting the air, but also causing unpleasant odors in your bathroom. Additionally, too much dirt presents the risk of bellows' damage, which may result in leaks. Hence, cleaning the gasket is vital for the efficient and trouble-free operation of your washing machine.

A method for cleaning the gasket: minimum effort, maximum results

If your aim is to thoroughly clean the rubber in the washer, prepare a roll of kitchen paper towels and bleach. Before you start, remember to wear protective gloves. This method of cleaning the rubber will take just two minutes of your time, and the effect will last longer.

The cleaning method involves inserting a piece of kitchen paper towel soaked in bleach within the gasket. Fold the sheet at least in half— adjust fold number based on the size of the rubber. Use this prepared towel to line the entire area between the gaskets and keep it there for a few hours.

Upon completion, remove the paper and dry the gasket thoroughly. The bleach will not only clean the seal but also disinfect the surface, and eliminate bacteria that cause mold growth.

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