LifestyleWarm up this winter: Tips for quick and cozy relief from the cold

Warm up this winter: Tips for quick and cozy relief from the cold

How to quickly warm up your body?
How to quickly warm up your body?
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1:47 PM EST, November 30, 2023

The recent weather hasn't been too forgiving. Regardless of how much we'd like to remain under a warm blanket, we're occasionally required to venture out. So, how can we warm up in the best possible way once we return home?

At times, a warm hat, coat, and scarf simply don't provide ample comfort during frigid weather. This propels us to return home as soon as we can, eagerly awaiting the radiating warmth of our household. But how can we expedite the heating process? There are several foolproof methods.

Winter tea: A remedy for freezing weather conditions

Winter is the season when winter teas take center stage, and rightfully so. This period allows us to use our creativity in not only affecting the taste of these teas but also enhancing their aroma. Moreover, it serves as an excellent quick fix for warming up after coming back from work or shopping.

We must emphasize that there's no urgency to frequent a café which provides these particular beverages. We can effortlessly prepare winter tea at home. Ingredients such as honey, lemon, orange, cloves, cinnamon, raspberry juice, or cardamom can be used. Experimenting with various combinations to suit one's taste is advised.

Soup: Perfect for cold weather

While frequently passed over in the warmer seasons, soups become a favorite during winter. Not only are they nutritious, but they also serve as an excellent means of warming our bodies. The classic chicken soup is a stellar option, especially when fending off a cold.

Additionally, making a little extra is beneficial. The next day, we'll have an ideal base for tomato soup. Adding a bit of ginger will provide an additional warming effect.

Can a hot bath be beneficial?

While it might seem that taking a hot bath is the quickest way to heat up after coming in from the cold, drastic changes in body temperature can have adverse effects, such as causing dizziness. Thus, it's important to prepare our bodies properly before jumping into a bathtub filled with hot water or taking a hot shower.

First and foremost, immediately after entering a warm apartment, wrap yourself in a cosy blanket to gradually raise your body's temperature. Only after you begin to feel a bit warmer should you consider taking a shower. However, avoid exposing your body to extremely hot water right away. Gradually acclimatizing your body to the temperature increase is crucial.

The aforementioned advice is pertinent when considering a relaxing bath as well. However, it's advised not to spend more than 30 minutes bathing.

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