NewsWar service leads to the unexpected release of a Russian cult murderer

War service leads to the unexpected release of a Russian cult murderer

Nikolay Ogolobiak during the trial
Nikolay Ogolobiak during the trial
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9:22 AM EST, November 22, 2023

A 33-year-old satanist in Russia, previously condemned to twenty years in a penal colony for the ritualistic murders of teenagers, has been pardoned due to his participation in the war with Ukraine. This was reported on Tuesday by Nowaya Gazeta Europa. The man was involved in the SturmZ units.

According to the reports, Nikolay Ogolobiak, the pardoned member of a satanist group from Yaroslavl, was sentenced in 2010. Ogolobiak's father confirmed his son's pardon for participating in the war.

- It's true. He served for six months in the Sturm Z unit. He is now disabled due to an injury received during service, he reported. The Sturm Z are Russian units comprised of prisoners.

Cult responsible for death of four teenagers

As reported by Nowaya Gazeta Europa, a satanic cult, mainly consisting of teenagers, was established in Yaroslavl in 2006. Over several years, the cult carried out various gruesome rituals and sacrifices. They conducted their meetings in remote areas, near a cemetery, setting up an inverted cross and tying dead animals to it.

In the summer of 2008, eight people affiliated with the cult gruesomely murdered and dismembered four teenagers. Investigators revealed that the crime was carried out as a ritual. Ogolobiak, who was legally an adult at the time of the murders, received the maximum sentence for the crime.

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