NewsWar in Gaza: Israeli army attack on Gaza's main hospital, Palestinians flee

War in Gaza: Israeli army attack on Gaza's main hospital, Palestinians flee

War in Gaza: Israeli army attack on Gaza's main hospital, Palestinians flee
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8:48 AM EST, February 16, 2024

Chaos and panic ensued at Nasser Hospital in Khan Younis when Israeli forces entered the medical center in the southern Gaza Strip, prompting Palestinians to attempt evacuation - reports Al-Jazeera.

Israeli attack on Gaza hospital: Chaos, gunfire and dust

On Thursday, Israeli forces announced they had conducted a raid on Gaza's largest operational hospital, with footage capturing scenes of chaos, shouting, and gunfire in dimly lit hallways clouded with dust and smoke - reports Reuters.

According to Al-Jazeera, for weeks, the Israeli military has encircled Nasser Hospital, trapping thousands of patients, medical personnel, and families seeking refuge, many of whom are still confined within. Confirmed video evidence revealed that individuals attempting to escape on Thursday were attacked upon exiting the hospital.

Israeli forces storm a hospital in Gaza sheltering Palestinians

- The Nasser Medical Complex is witnessing a catastrophic, worrying situation because of the dwindling medical capacity as fuel is set to run out in the next 24 hours, which directly threatens the lives of patients, including six on respirators in intensive care and three children in incubators - said Gaza Ministry of Health spokesperson Ashraf al-Qudra in a statement.

The attack on Nasser Hospital was also described by "Doctors Without Borders," an international medical humanitarian organization.

Israeli army: Attack was "prepared with precison"

According to Reuters, Israel alleges that Hamas frequently utilizes hospitals, ambulances, and other medical facilities for military activities and has broadcast footage captured by its soldiers, purportedly showing tunnels beneath some hospitals stocked with weapons. The Israeli military also reported the detention of several suspects at Nasser Hospital and stated that its operations in the facility were ongoing.

Israeli army spokesman Admiral Daniel Hagari assured that the operation at the hospital was "prepared with precision and carried out by Israeli special forces who have received specialized training."

Since the beginning of Israel's air and land offensive in Gaza, 28,663 people have been killed, most of them civilians. The conflict has forced more than 2 million residents to flee their homes.

Source: Reuters, Al-Jazeera, TODAY

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