LifestyleWant your Christmas tree to last? Avoid placing it in this spot

Want your Christmas tree to last? Avoid placing it in this spot

Never put a Christmas tree in this place - illustrative photo
Never put a Christmas tree in this place - illustrative photo
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4:44 PM EST, December 11, 2023

A decorated Christmas tree is a symbol of the impending Christmas holiday for many of us. However, a fresh tree has one flaw - it can quickly start shedding needles if not watered properly or placed in the right spot. But how can we prevent this?

The appearance of a tree in a home signals that the holidays are around the corner. Many people uphold the tradition of decorating it with ornaments during Christmas. Before bringing a Christmas tree home, it's wise to plan where to place it in advance. This is extremely important if we intend to enjoy a beautiful tree that won't start losing its needles within a few days.

Want a fresh tree? Find the right spot

Surprisingly, many people make a colossal mistake by placing their Christmas tree next to a radiator. Regrettably, this makes the tree brittle and causes the needles to start falling off after just a few days. For similar reasons, we should steer clear of placing the tree close to a fireplace or any other heat source.

It turns out that reducing the room temperature where the decorated tree stands by approximately five to seven degrees Fahrenheit is a good idea. This not only optimizes the conditions for the tree but also enhances its fragrance.

Avoid placing it next to the door

Another common misplacement is right next to the door. Because of drafts and even the slightest breeze of frosty air, your tree may wither, consequently reducing its life span. If possible, it's advisable to position it at least 3.28 feet away from any entrance or door within the room.

Want a tree that brings happiness? Place it in this part of the house

Some believe that the Christmas tree carries energy. Following feng shui principles, the Christmas tree should be positioned in the southeast or south part of the house. This is thought to strengthen familial bonds and enhance our professional life.

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