LifestyleWalking your dog in hot weather? Expert tips to keep pets safe

Walking your dog in hot weather? Expert tips to keep pets safe

Should you walk the dog in the heat?
Should you walk the dog in the heat?
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2:11 PM EDT, June 13, 2024

When the temperature hits 86 degrees Fahrenheit, leaving the house becomes a challenge. What about your dog? After all, it needs to take care of its needs. Before you put on the leash, conduct a simple test. This way, you'll ensure that your dog doesn't get burned.

Owning a dog is not just a pleasure but a series of serious responsibilities. We must provide it with good food, veterinary care, playtime, and most importantly, the right amount of exercise.

Your pet has its needs regardless of the temperature or weather conditions, but walking your dog during a heatwave is risky. At what temperatures is it better not to walk your dog? Hear what an expert has to say.

How does heat affect dogs?

We talk about a heatwave when the temperature outside exceeds 86 degrees Fahrenheit. Leaving the house in such weather is not the best idea. In a few moments, you can get heatstroke, which in extreme cases requires hospitalization.

This applies to both people and animals. Dogs are especially prone to heatstroke due to their thick and dense fur and lack of sweat glands, which would protect them from overheating.

Walking your dog during a heatwave exposes it not only to overheating but also to dehydration or heatstroke, which can even lead to the pet's death. Let's not forget that dogs don't wear shoes. Contact with hot asphalt can lead to paw injuries.

At what temperatures shouldn't you walk your dog? It is assumed that a dog should stay indoors when the temperature exceeds 81 degrees Fahrenheit. However, it all depends on the cloud cover level or how much the asphalt has heated. If you want to ensure you can walk your dog, conduct a simple test.

"A simple test to check if the asphalt is too hot to walk your dog is to place your hand on the road. If you can't keep it there for five seconds, it's not safe for your dog," explains Dr. Alison Thomas.

How to help your dog on hot days?

Dogs feel the heat even more than humans. They regulate their body temperature by lying in cool places or opening their mouths. How can you help your pet during a heatwave? Ensure it always has a bowl full of clean water. Close all windows and invest in a fan to lower the room temperature. Look for a cooling mat for dogs — you can find it online as well as in well-stocked pet stores.

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