Tips&TricksWaking up more effectively. Beyond coffee, a 20-minute exercise might be all you need

Waking up more effectively. Beyond coffee, a 20‑minute exercise might be all you need

The woman is lying in bed.
The woman is lying in bed.
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1:09 PM EST, December 31, 2023

Insufficient sleep affects us during the day, leading to fatigue, irritability, and an easily agitated state. Such feelings can impact our work, family life, and other responsibilities. As a quick fix, many resort to coffee for a rapid energy boost. However, there are better alternatives available!

What leads to poor sleep?

Numerous factors influence the quality and duration of sleep. The most prevalent cause is stress, an unavoidable aspect of life. Negative emotions affect not only our overall well-being but our sleep patterns as well. Hence, it may be beneficial to practice breathing or relaxation exercises to alleviate stress. Insomnia, a disorder that affects nearly 20% of our society, is another cause of poor sleep quality.

Furthermore, an undiagnosed illness may also result in poor sleep quality. Regular medication intake might also negatively affect our sleep, warranting a consultation with your doctor. It is important to remember to avoid blue light from electronic devices before sleep. Ideally, such devices should be kept out of the bedroom, and the phone alarm should be replaced with a traditional alarm clock.

What can be done upon waking up after a night’s sleep?

Getting out of bed in the morning regularly poses a challenge for most of us, a burden that grows when obligations beckon early in the day. However, refusing to face reality won't give us the luxury of endless sleep. In a tired state, many of us make a fragrant cup of coffee, which helps us navigate our daily problems.

Coffee is meant to be enjoyed, not relied upon as a stimulant. Excessive coffee consumption can lead to more harm than good despite its health benefits. Thus, it is recommended to consume it socially rather than excessively. Researchers from the School of Sport, Health, and Exercise Science in Portsmouth, United Kingdom, have discovered a far more effective method to wake up.

Can 20 minutes of exercise help?

An experiment revealed that 20 minutes of cycling or cardio exercise significantly improved the physical and mental well-being of the participants. Physical activity surpasses coffee in combating fatigue after a poor or total absence of sleep. Immediate bicycle purchase isn't necessary; taking a morning walk, enrolling in a fitness class, or going swimming are equally viable choices. These simple activities can help kickstart your day feeling refreshed.

Forget about coffee and say goodbye to sleep with another activity.
Forget about coffee and say goodbye to sleep with another activity.© Freepik
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