AutosVolkswagen's leap forward: upcoming affordable electric SUV set to stir market in 2026

Volkswagen's leap forward: upcoming affordable electric SUV set to stir market in 2026

First graphic of Volkswagen ID. 2all SUV
First graphic of Volkswagen ID. 2all SUV
Images source: © Press materials | Volkswagen AG

6:44 PM EST, December 20, 2023

Despite some minor setbacks, Volkswagen shows no signs of curbing its electric model journey. For instance, the ID. Buzz model was unveiled in 2023, and a facelifted ID.3 or ID.7 was also revealed. The ID. 2all model concept created quite a stir - it's an affordable electric car expected to cost less than 25,000 euros (approximately $28,200) in its series production planned for 2025. The name implies the car's mission - to be a vehicle "for all".

An affordable electric hatchback in Europe can significantly bridge a gap in the market. At present, it's rare to find electric cars that can be described as "cheap". However, it seems Volkswagen's ID. 2all won't be the only affordable entity in a highly competitive market. Shortly after its launch, a slightly larger brother is expected to arrive.

The German manufacturer has recently shared the first nebulous graphic said to represent the ID. 2all SUV model. This future release is also supposed to utilize the newly developed MEB platform, which indicates a front-wheel drive scenario.

Apart from the enigmatic photo and the model's name, the only information available is that the car's debut is planned for 2026. Also, it's intended to be another leap towards making affordable electric technology accessible to everyone.

Clearly, Volkswagen takes its plans very seriously. For some time, the company has been seeking alliances to help produce affordable electric cars. Rumors suggest that this search might result in a collaboration with Renault, also interested in manufacturing economically priced electric cars.

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