AutosVolkswagen's April Fools' Prank Falls Flat, Disappoints Harlequin Fans

Volkswagen's April Fools' Prank Falls Flat, Disappoints Harlequin Fans

Volkswagen ID.3 Harlequin
Volkswagen ID.3 Harlequin
Images source: © Press materials | Volkswagen
7:12 PM EDT, April 2, 2024

April Fools' jokes are a delicate matter, a lesson Volkswagen recently learned after upsetting many of its fans.

The Harlequin series, which started in the '60s with the Beetle model, has been legendary, continuing over the decades. The series' multicolored Volkswagens have consistently evoked positive emotions. So, it was no surprise that fans were excited by the announcement of a new addition to the Harlequin lineup, this time, the electric ID.3.

When Volkswagen released images showcasing the electric car adorned in Harlequin's iconic colors, excitement surged online. Fans were elated at the prospect of its grand return. Unfortunately, the campaign was revealed to be an April Fools' joke.

As expected, not everyone found the joke amusing. Many voiced their disappointment upon learning that the Harlequin wouldn't be making a comeback after all, turning the prank's intended effect on its head.

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