AutosVolkswagen and Nissan announce pay raises for US workers

Volkswagen and Nissan announce pay raises for US workers

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Illustrative photo
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10:23 AM EST, November 23, 2023

The agreements secured by trade unions at Stellantis, Ford, and General Motors are making an impact on other manufacturers as well.

A couple of weeks ago, the non-unionized Toyota decided to increase salaries in a bid to enhance its competitiveness in the American market, and to show appreciation for its employees. Now, similar actions have been taken by other brands.

Volkswagen recently announced that employees working at the Chattanooga factory will see an 11 percent increase in their wages starting in December. But that's not all - a cyclical wage progression system will also be implemented.

- We want to assure you that we will offer a robust and competitive salary package, the aim being to attract and motivate the employees who operate the plant daily - says a statement released by the American branch of the brand.

Aside from Volkswagen, Nissan has also decided to provide New Year pay raises. Starting in January, employees of the brand's American factories can expect a 10-percent wage increase.

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