NewsVolcanic eruption in Papua New Guinea sparks Japan tsunami alert

Volcanic eruption in Papua New Guinea sparks Japan tsunami alert

Ulawun Volcano - a stamp with words.
Ulawun Volcano - a stamp with words.
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6:13 PM EST, November 20, 2023

A volcano erupted in Papua New Guinea, and the Japan Meteorological Agency affirms that the eruption can cause a tsunami off Japan's coast.

The Ulawun volcano, located on the Island of New Britain in Papua New Guinea, erupted on Monday, according to the Associated Press, which was citing the Japan Meteorological Agency. Smoke from the volcano has ascended to a height of approximately 9.3 miles.

The Japan Meteorological Agency warns that the volcanic eruption in Papua New Guinea might pose a risk to Japan. There's a potential danger of a tsunami expected to approach the country's shores on Monday. The agency envisages that the waves might reach the Izu and Ogasawara Islands. No tsunami alerts or warnings have been issued yet. Scientists observing the situation have noted that no significant changes in sea level have been detected at their observation points in Japan or elsewhere.

The government agency, Papua New Guinea’s Geohazards Management Division, supervising earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanic eruptions hasn't provided any information - the Associated Press reports. Geoscience Australia has confirmed that no tsunami warnings for Australian waters and coasts have been issued. The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center, located in Hawaii, has also not issued any warnings.

The Japan Meteorological Agency has asked residents along the coast to be prepared in the event that the tsunami waves reach the islands later than expected. Because of the variability of these natural events, scientists admit they're unable to forecast the probable size of the waves.

Source: AP

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