LifestyleViral video from Venice. "What idiots"

Viral video from Venice. "What idiots"

The tourists didn't think about how their irresponsible behavior could end.
The tourists didn't think about how their irresponsible behavior could end.
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9:37 AM EST, December 5, 2023

A group of Asian tourists on a gondola ride in Venice sought to capture the perfect picture. Nonetheless, things did not transpire as they had planned. The ensuing hazardous situation was videotaped, and the footage subsequently circulated on social media.

Venice is one of Italy's most frequented destinations. Inevitably, every visitor there embarks on a gondola ride. This is precisely what these Asian tourists did recently. To their surprise, the dreamy attraction proved riskier than they anticipated.

Tourists tumble out of gondola

These travelers bent on securing an unforgettable snapshot, leaned over the gondola, causing the boat to capsize, resulting in them plunging into the water. Italian media aired the footage, featuring cries and calls for help.

The video, spanning several seconds, showcased on platform "X" Tg1, reveals a group of Asian tourists clinging onto the gondola while wading through Venetian canal water, in an attempt to salvage their soaked mobile phones and re-board the boat. "They tried to go for a photo op, but... things went awry" - this caption was displayed below the video.

The brief video features harrowing screams, pleas for help, and horrified cries—their heavy clothing further complicates their rescue from the icy water. The gondolier, who also fell into the canal, provided the much-needed rescue. “Terrifying,” “What idiots,” “Taking a gondola ride is great, but stepping into one, you soon realize it’s one of the least stable boats” - these were some of the comments below the video.

The newspaper "Corriere della Sera" clarified that the mishap occurred in the city's historical center near the La Fenice theatre, specifically the Saint Mark's district. As noted by the newspaper, the tourists ignored the gondolier's advice against leaning over the boat's sides.

Venice to implement entry ticket system

A quick reminder: Soon, Venice will revise its entrance rules. The city council has finally passed a law that will mandate Venice visitors to buy entry tickets using a unique app in the spring of 2024. The ticket prices are predicted to range between 3 and 10 euros, depending on the arrival date.

The so-called trial phase is expected to start at the crossover of April and May 2024. Initially, this phase will include spring "long weekends" and regular summer weekends- predominantly about thirty busy days during which Venice usually experiences a large influx of tourists. Offenders found without a ticket may be slapped with a fine of 50 euros or possibly more.

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