Tips&TricksViral TikTok trend encourages children's 'bathroom confessions' of profanity as alternative parenting method

Viral TikTok trend encourages children's 'bathroom confessions' of profanity as alternative parenting method

In the USA, there is a new trend in upbringing. Children are allowed to swear.
In the USA, there is a new trend in upbringing. Children are allowed to swear.
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11:56 AM EST, February 8, 2024

"Bathroom confessions" is a new trend on the TikTok platform. Parents encourage their children to let loose all the profanities they've accumulated. This game is seen as therapeutic, allowing children to free themselves from the swear words they've picked up from adults and peers.

Parents record children cursing and receive it with a smile

Child rearing methods in the United States often differ from those in Europe. Every parent believes they know what's best for their child, but some practices can be startling. One such approach is allowing children to curse. Moreover, these moments are recorded and posted online. The premise is quite simple: many parents are participating in this trend by taking their children into the bathroom and letting them spew out all the curse words that come to mind. This practice theoretically helps the child purge themselves of vulgarity, after which they symbolically rinse their mouth with water to wash away the offensive language.

The parents' reactions to these "bathroom confessions" vary greatly. Some are surprised, while others laugh or shake their heads. Moms are often astonished that their sweet little ones know such unsavory expressions, which certainly should not be part of a young child's vocabulary. However, it's undeniable that these words didn't appear from thin air. Children merely repeat the language they've been exposed to.

Child-rearing can present real challenges

Reactions from other parents in the comment section of these videos are extremely polarized. Some applaud the parents for addressing swearing so openly, and for allowing their children to use such language with their permission. But there are many adults who completely disapprove of this approach, expressing shock that anyone would choose such methods and refer to it as "alternative parenting".

Opinions on this trend are diverse, yet it's inarguable that curses exist and will continue to exist around us. Even if we refrain from using them, it doesn’t mean our immediate surroundings do the same. Children often don't understand the meaning of curse words, using them inadvertently when they feel anxious or amidst a surge of emotions. It is vital to explain the implications associated with such words and why they are inappropriate. Parenting involves not only joyous moments, but also difficult conversations, lessons, and forgiveness. These components collectively contribute to building a robust and enduring relationship with the child.

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