LifestyleViral optical illusion stumps netizens with a hidden number

Viral optical illusion stumps netizens with a hidden number

Do you see the hidden number in the picture?
Do you see the hidden number in the picture?
Images source: © Facebook | Puzlesbraindotcom
2:19 PM EST, January 18, 2024

These pictorial puzzles have captivated internet users, with optical illusions appearing frequently on social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook. Enthusiasts suggest that such riddles can reveal much about our reflexes and sharpness of vision.

The colorful image below is more than an amalgamation of mixed colors. Somewhere amidst this explosion of hues, a certain number is hidden. Spotting it will commend your acute vision, making you deserving of the phrase 'eyes of an eagle'.

Let's test your observation skills. Can you find what's hidden in the picture?

Lovers of such entertainment emphasize that the pursuit of hidden elements can sharpen memory and reaction time, besides improving concentration. For instance, consider the colorful graphic below obscuring a three-digit number. Volunteers who undertook this challenge found it rather vexing, with many struggling to swiftly identify the hidden number.

Netizens are left bewildered with this eye-straining puzzle

Could it be 307, 591, or perhaps 537? What number is concealed in the picture? Comments on the "Puzzles, Brain Teasers, and Fun" profile suggest that deciphering the correct answer is far from easy, with netizens holding polarized views.

The authors affirm that the correct answer is 591, but it doesn't appear obvious to everyone. Many had to spend numerous minutes scrutinizing the graphic, particularly the lower right corner where the number was hidden, to finally see the correct digits.

"I found it within seconds, yet I've been squinting at these numbers for several minutes. The first digit still seems like 3 instead of 5 to me," divulged a person who braved the visual challenge.

Was the correct number apparent to you immediately, or did you perceive something entirely different in its place? Netizens frequently proposed answers in their comments that weren't mentioned in the options offered by "Puzzles, Brain Teasers, and Fun".

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