NewsViolent street abduction in Krasnodar caught on camera

Violent street abduction in Krasnodar caught on camera

Brutal beating of a woman in Russia
Brutal beating of a woman in Russia
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9:03 AM EDT, June 26, 2024

Scenes reminiscent of brutal action games unfolded in Krasnodar, Russia. A group of men attacked a defenseless woman on the street before forcing her into a car. Videos and photos of the incident have surfaced online. The victim chose not to report the case, claiming that her husband was among the attackers.

Many reports from Russian media and authorities are likely false. These reports could be part of an information war by the Russian Federation.

A video of this extremely violent incident appeared online, purportedly filmed last week in Krasnodar. A group of men assaulted a woman and then shoved her into a car.

The victim fought back against the attackers and even managed to escape from the vehicle at one point. However, her freedom was short-lived. The attackers quickly recaptured her, beat her again, and forced her back into the car. Ultimately, the victim was left sitting in the back seat with a battered face.

The shocking aspect isn't just the brutality of the incident but also its aftermath. A woman who witnessed the attack recorded the entire incident. The Russian woman raised the alarm. The victim, however, refused help, claiming that "her husband and his friends beat her." Whether she was telling the truth or acting out of fear remains unclear.

According to the witness, the "victim said that out of fear of her assailants." The final resolution of the situation is unknown. The Russian law enforcement agencies were reportedly informed about the case. However, the police in Krasnodar have not responded to the report.

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