NewsViolent storm hits Russian-occupied Crimea, causing widespread damage

Violent storm hits Russian-occupied Crimea, causing widespread damage

The weather in Crimea is currently terrible, the Russians have something to worry about.
The weather in Crimea is currently terrible, the Russians have something to worry about.
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9:54 AM EST, November 27, 2023

Locals are facing weather-related horror as a storm sweeps through Crimea, a region occupied by Russians for nearly a decade. Social media is buzzing with videos showing the extensive damage caused by the weather. A hurricane-like wind is ravaging the peninsula, pushing sea waves to towering heights of approximately 33 feet. This is merely the beginning of an imminent climatic turmoil in the area.

The Crimean Peninsula has been under Russian occupation for a decade, but ever since the full-scale invasion of Ukraine, doubts regarding its future have been surging. The Ukrainian Armed Forces are slowly encroaching upon the territories that belonged to Kiev for decades, sparking speculations that they might attempt to reclaim Crimea in 2024. Interestingly, even the weather seems to be throwing challenges at the local Russians.

The weather in Crimea is currently threatening, with a potent storm and unrelenting winds, showing no mercy to the Russians, who have been ruling in place of the actual authorities since 2014. There are palpable fears among the locals as the storm wreaks havoc over the area – fears which are no longer limited to threats from Ukrainians. An increase in online footage, showing the storm's damage, is evidence of the locals' rising panic.

Sevastopol residents, located on the southwestern tip of the Crimean Peninsula on a spit known as Peninsula Heracles, are bearing the brunt of a violent storm. The storm has uprooted trees, toppled power poles, and roadway signs, and even damaged isolated advertisements. Several buildings have also suffered damage.

The recordings display toppled trees, wrecked cars, and chaos widespread throughout the city.

The weather is forecasted to grow progressively worse in Crimea over the forthcoming hours, which is only the beginning of troubles for the Russian authorities, who continue to illegally govern the region. Residents already anticipate a turbulent night with the weather expected to oscillate swiftly. Recordings of the same are already being shared by the Russians on Telegram and other social media platforms while the authorities are yet to comment.

The coast is also under threat, where the hurricane-induced wind is resulting in high sea waves. These waves, expected to reach 26-33 feet, are already causing havoc along Crimea's shores. Sea traversal is severely impeded - a concern for the Russians' Black Sea Fleet - and the coastline is unsafe.

The storm-induced high waves have additionally engulfed roads and the highway leading to Eupatoria, a well-known city situated on the Black Sea coast.

Wittily, Ukrainians are already ascertaining that even the weather is vying to expel the invaders from Crimea, which has been yearning for freedom for a decade now. The Ukrainian Armed Forces are gradually advancing towards the peninsula. Such progress was significant around Zaporozhye this past summer, particularly in the vicinity of Robotyne village, but the southward march towards Crimea was halted by the Russians.

In the autumn, the AFU secured a foothold on the left bank of the Dnieper River, where the Russians were driven out of Kherson, instilling high hopes for progress southwards. Should the Ukrainians regain control over this territory, the path to Crimea would be clear. This, coupled with reclaiming Crimea, could potentially spearhead Russia's defeat in this conflict. Let's hope the weather proves favorable for the soldiers from Kiev as well.

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