LifestyleViolent neighbor attack. Hollywood's bad boy Charlie Sheen back in the spotlight

Violent neighbor attack. Hollywood's bad boy Charlie Sheen back in the spotlight

Charlie Sheen was attacked by his neighbor.
Charlie Sheen was attacked by his neighbor.
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1:54 PM EST, December 27, 2023

Charlie Sheen is widely recognized as one of Hollywood's most notorious troublemakers. There was a point when the media chronicled his latest antics daily. Sheen's lifestyle was unapologetically filled with parties, drug use, and women with questionable character. However, he has recently distanced himself from the entertainment industry. Despite distancing himself, he has returned to the media spotlight again.

Neighbor attacks Charlie Sheen

As reported by American media, a shocking event unfolded at Charlie Sheen's residence on December 20. Electra Schrock, Sheen's neighbor, unexpectedly visited his house. The woman is reported to have forced her way into his house, tore open his shirt, and tried to strangle him.

Sheen immediately alerted the police regarding the assault. Paramedics arrived at the crime scene but did not identify any significant injuries on the actor.

In light of Sheen's testimony, his neighbor was promptly apprehended. The woman is now awaiting charges of "assault with the use of force that could cause serious bodily harm".

Charlie Sheen's Neighbor Troubles

This isn't Charlie Sheen's first issue with this neighbor. The 47-year-old woman had accusedly "attacked" the actor in the past. As TMZ reports, in a past transgression, she had dumped a sticky substance on his car, and just a day before the violent attack, she littered his doorstep with trash.

The actor had brought these incidents to the attention of the local authorities but ultimately decided to let it slide after a conversation with the perpetrator.

After the recent physical assault, authorities were forced into immediate action. A legal petition was filed to restrain the woman from getting near the actor. She has faced legal consequences before. As reported by "Fox News," Schrock denies all allegations.

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