SportsVictor Osimhen: Best footballer in Africa with a controversial twist

Victor Osimhen: Best footballer in Africa with a controversial twist

In the photo: Victor Osimhen
In the photo: Victor Osimhen
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10:19 PM EST, December 18, 2023

Victor Osimhen, an esteemed footballer, has been awarded the title of best footballer in Africa. A fan's statement questioning the decision prompted an outrageous response from the SSC Napoli player.

Renowned as one of the top strikers globally, Osimhen, originally from Nigeria, is sought after by numerous clubs. His retention poses a significant challenge for SSC Napoli, especially given the addition of a prestigious award to his portfolio in recent days.

The official ceremony of the African Football Confederation took place in Marrakech. The event highlighted the best player in Africa for 2023. Among the finalists were Osimhen, Mohamed Salah, and Achraf Hakimi, with Osimhen ultimately taking the award home.

Osimhen's award stirred controversy among fans. A specific fan voiced his disagreement directly under the post that the 24-year-old player shared on platform X. He highlighted another player who he believed should've won the award.

"Hakimi deserved this award more for his contribution to our continent, leading his national team (Morocco- editor's note) to the World Cup semi-finals," commented a user named "marki".

Osimhen's decision to reply to the fan was unexpected. He did so in a shocking fashion, posting a meme of a frog carrying a hidden rope in its jacket.

It is clear that Osimhen is insinuating the fan should end his life. The inappropriate meme remains accessible, suggesting Osimhen has no regret for his response.

Considering a recent event, Osimhen's response is surprising. A few weeks ago, he was hurt by his teammates liking a disparaging video about him shared on the official Napoli TikTok account. It took Osimhen a while to get over that incident.

So far this season, Victor Osimhen has scored seven goals in the Italian Serie A and one in the Champions League. Osimhen’s value currently stands at approximately $135 million (USD), according to the trade portal Transfermarkt. Rumors suggest that heavyweight clubs such as Real Madrid and Chelsea FC may soon vie for his services.

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