LifestyleVeterinarian mourns pet tragedy, warns against collar risks

Veterinarian mourns pet tragedy, warns against collar risks

The veterinarian appeals to dog owners
The veterinarian appeals to dog owners
Images source: © Instagram | amir_the_vet

2:19 PM EDT, May 5, 2024

A four-legged friend brings immense joy into our homes. Nevertheless, before deciding on purchasing or adopting, it's crucial to understand that pet ownership comes with significant responsibilities. Veterinarian Amir Anwary recently underscored this point following a distressing incident he experienced.

Dogs can indeed become lifelong companions. Looking after them is a serious commitment that entails a range of responsibilities. Anwary shared his distress over a particularly harrowing experience on social media, while urging dog owners to exercise extreme caution.

A routine morning walk ends in tragedy

The veterinarian, active on social media and a pet owner himself, recounted a somber tale. He went for a morning jog, leaving his dogs in the backyard. Upon his return, he discovered 60 missed calls from his neighbors.

During play, a tragic accident occurred involving two of Anwary's dogs. One dog's jaw became ensnared in the other's collar, accidentally strangling it. Despite a desperate struggle, one dog tragically lost its life.

Anwary was unable to reach them in time to intervene. He took to TikTok to warn his followers, advising against leaving collars on pets at home or freely roaming in the garden. He regretfully acknowledged that his oversight led to his pet's death.

"You never imagine such a thing happening to you until it does. It took a great deal of time for me to speak about it due to the powerful emotions involved, but I felt it was important to caution you. Please, be mindful with collars!" the veterinarian stressed.
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