NewsVeteran propagandist for three North Korean dictators dies at 94

Veteran propagandist for three North Korean dictators dies at 94

Kim Ki Nam died at the age of 94 in North Korea.
Kim Ki Nam died at the age of 94 in North Korea.
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6:45 AM EDT, May 8, 2024

Kim Ki Nam, who was the head of North Korea's propaganda operations, has passed away. He was known for supporting three North Korean dictators, including the current leader, Kim Jong Un, and Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il in their respective times.

He passed away on Tuesday at the age of 94. According to North Korean state media, he died of old age and multi-organ failure.

As one of North Korea's longest-serving officials, Kim Ki Nam was a loyal servant to three generations of the Kim dynasty: Kim Il Sung, Kim Jong Il, and Kim Jong Un.

Moreover, he was among the rare North Korean officials who visited South Korea. This was notable when he headed a funeral delegation 15 years ago, marking the passing of President Kim Dae Jung, as reported by Time.

In 1966, Kim Ki Nam assumed the role of deputy head of the propaganda department and took over its leadership 19 years later. He retired from this position seven years ago.

Legacy of an "infinitely loyal" Kim Ki Nam

Following his death, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un was seen participating in mourning ceremonies on Wednesday morning, as reported by the North Korean agency KCNA. This mourning was a tribute to Kim Ki Nam, who was hailed as a "veteran of the revolution" and praised for his unwavering loyalty to the regime.

Comparatively, the Yonhap agency likened the deceased to Joseph Goebbels, the propaganda minister of Nazi Germany, underscoring the impact and significance of his role in North Korea.

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