TechVertical photovoltaics. Innovative set-up generates more electricity

Vertical photovoltaics. Innovative set‑up generates more electricity

Green photovoltaic roof
Green photovoltaic roof
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7:56 PM EST, November 14, 2023

Over Easy Solar, a Norwegian company has unveiled a unique approach for installing photovoltaic panels on rooftops. Instead of the traditional horizontal positioning, the company installs their panels vertically, creating what they term 'green photovoltaic roofs.'

Over Easy Solar has carved out a niche as an innovator in rooftop photovoltaics. Breaking from traditional practice, they mount panels vertically and not horizontally. The company recently installed a second 102 kW system, a few months after completing their first project—a 45 kW system. Both installations were undertaken on the roofs of another Norwegian company, Solenergi Fusen.

As reported by PV Magazine, the installation by Over Easy Solar covers an approximate area of 13,000 square feet on the rooftop. Complementing the 'green' aesthetics, plants have also been planted under the panels. This makes the roofs 'green' — they generate ecological electric power and also boast of enhancing the local ecology with vegetation.

The system developed by Over Easy Solar is designed to be installed at a low height on flat rooftops. The components of the installation are pre-assembled to a degree, thereby accelerating the installation process. The power plant employs unconventional, bilateral modules with heterojunctions.

"The 102 kW installation was mounted in less than two days by four workers," stated Trygve Mongstad, the CEO of Over Easy Solar, during an interview with PV Magazine.

The vertical photovoltaic setup from Over Easy incorporates bilateral modules, each offering 200 W. These modules come in two sizes: 63 inches by 59 inches by 13.5 inches, weighing 57 pounds, and 63 inches by 59 inches by 10.4 inches, weighing 55 pounds. Each module is ballasted at a rate of around 22 pounds per square foot.

Mongstad is optimistic that the results from the pilot installation in Oslo are about 20-30% more productive when compared to conventional east-west installations on flat roofs. This underscores the potential benefits of their innovative approach to photovoltaic panel installation.

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