LifestyleVenice's tourist entry fee experiment draws over 23,000 in two days

Venice's tourist entry fee experiment draws over 23,000 in two days

The entrance fee to Venice did not deter tourists.
The entrance fee to Venice did not deter tourists.
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1:08 PM EDT, April 27, 2024

On the second day of Venice's pilot program for managing tourist entries, the city's historic centre welcomed over 23,000 visitors from across the globe, undeterred by the entry fee.

Tourists were required to pay approximately $6, a cost some outlets had anticipated might discourage visitors. However, the number of arrivals suggests otherwise. This fee is specifically levied on day visitors who don't intend to stay overnight, distinguishing them from those who contribute to the local economy by paying for lodging.

Paid stay in Venice

The initiative, which kicked off on Thursday, saw over 15,000 visitors purchasing a day pass to enjoy the grandeur of the Grand Canal, Venice's most famous waterway. Over the first two days, the city recorded 38,000 paid entries, with more than 16,000 people being checked for compliance.

Interestingly, the city hosts around 51,000 hotel guests, exempt from this fee due to a separate city tax in their accommodation charges.

Requirements for visiting Venice

To visit Venice on selected dates up to July 14, every visitor needs a QR code as proof of payment or exemption. This digital pass is available through an online platform set up by the city's administration, with an alternative option of purchasing a special voucher.

To ensure adherence to the new system, 75 inspectors are stationed at 15 key locations around the city, including the train station and Piazzale Roma's parking area. In addition to enforcing the entry requirement, these officials help visitors navigate the new regulations, ensuring a smooth experience for everyone entering this iconic city.

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