NewsVatican warns of 'uncontrollable escalation' with weapons to Kyiv

Vatican warns of 'uncontrollable escalation' with weapons to Kyiv

Attacks with western weapons in Russia. Vatican: disturbing perspective
Attacks with western weapons in Russia. Vatican: disturbing perspective
Images source: © East News | Lukasz Gdak

2:58 PM EDT, May 30, 2024

The Vatican's Secretary of State has announced that the potential use of weapons supplied to Kyiv by Western countries on Russian territory could lead to an uncontrollable escalation. "It's a very disquieting prospect," Cardinal Pietro Parolin assessed.

During a meeting in Milan, the Secretary of State of the Holy See was asked about an issue currently being considered in NATO: the approval for the use of weapons supplied to Ukraine on Russian territory. Cardinal Parolin responded, "I think this possibility must worry all those who have the fate of our world at heart."

"This could entail an escalation that no one will be able to control any longer," he further assessed.

He added, "We are working on the humanitarian level, above all on the question of the return of Ukrainian children to their homeland." These are children taken from Ukraine to Russia.

He recalled that Pope Francis's special envoy to Ukraine, Cardinal Matteo Zuppi, visited Moscow and raised the issue of their return.

"It is bearing fruit," assured Cardinal Parolin. He admitted at the same time that there is "no other room" for other issues.

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