FoodValentine's Day investigation: Do aphrodisiacs really boost your love life?

Valentine's Day investigation: Do aphrodisiacs really boost your love life?

Aphrodisiacs - Delicacies
Aphrodisiacs - Delicacies
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3:33 AM EST, February 12, 2024

American journalist Sara Hendricks from "Insider" magazine experimented to determine if popular aphrodisiacs truly have an impact on a person's sex life. She dedicated a day to consuming only foods classified as libido enhancers and then narrated her experiences and sensations.

Do aphrodisiacs make a difference?

The journalist shared that, being young, she frequently came across claims about aphrodisiacs, leading her to investigate their actual effects. Sara started her experiment with a breakfast of a renowned aphrodisiac - Greek yogurt with honey. However, after the arguably romantic meal, the only consequence she noticed was a feeling of fulfillment. Her desire levels remained untouched. For lunch, she tried a  kale salad, another reputed libido-booster. But again, it caused no discernible change.

"My nutritious zucchini and asparagus bowl should have stimulated desire. Yet, surprisingly, it did the opposite. The cooked vegetables left me feeling nauseous rather than sexually excited," states the journalist.

Oysters proved ineffective

The final product that the journalist opted to test was oysters - perhaps the most renowned aphrodisiac around the globe. Sara admitted that while she found the oysters delicious, they did not affect her sexual desire. Her experiment ended with her spending the night alone, without any enhancement in her sex life.

Kale Salad - Delicacies
Kale Salad - Delicacies© Canva | Candice Bell

She noted that although the food was nutritious, enjoyable, and easy to prepare, it did not impact her libido.

"I cannot wholeheartedly suggest a diet based solely on raw aphrodisiacs if the primary intention is to improve one's sex life," Sara concluded.
oysters seafood aphrodisiac
oysters seafood aphrodisiac© Adobe Stock

Sara also mentioned her observation that the efficacy of aphrodisiacs seems to parallel placebo effects - it relies on our belief if we notice any improvements in our sex life after consuming them.

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