LifestyleUV exposure in hybrid manicures: Study reveals potential risks to skin health

UV exposure in hybrid manicures: Study reveals potential risks to skin health

Are hybrid manicures safe?
Are hybrid manicures safe?
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8:14 AM EST, February 19, 2024

At present, the hybrid manicure is one of the most favored methods for obtaining beautiful and enduring nails. Many manufacturers claim that it is not just convenient but primarily safe for health. Scientists from the University of San Diego and the University of Pittsburgh decided to delve into this matter.

Could hybrid manicures be harmful?

In their investigation, the scientists from both universities concentrated on three types of cells: human skin keratinocytes (which form part of the epidermis), human fibroblasts (connective tissue cells), and mouse embryonic fibroblasts. These cells were subjected to three 20-minute sessions under a UV lamp, interspersed with one-hour breaks. Samples were collected from the cells 48 hours after the exposure for further investigation.

Regrettably, the study's findings aren't particularly encouraging. The researchers identified that each UV lamp exposure resulted in the death of some cells. After three 20-minute sessions, approximately 70% of the cells were found to be dead. The results of this research were published in the January edition of the scientific journal "Nature Communications".

The findings are cause for concern

The decision to conduct these studies was inspired by an article about an American beauty pageant participant who was diagnosed with a rare form of skin cancer. The conclusions drawn from the study are distressing.

"The results of our experiments, combined with prior evidence, suggest that radiation emitted by UV lamps, akin to sunbeds, could increase the risk of skin cancer."

However, the scientists acknowledged in their publication that it would require several years of research before these conclusions could be confirmed. It's also key to remember that during a hybrid manicure, the hands are only exposed to the UV lamp for approximately 30 seconds—not 20 minutes. So, while the findings are concerning, scientists aren't ringing alarm bells just yet.

Is hybrid harmful? Scientists have no doubts.
Is hybrid harmful? Scientists have no doubts.© Adobe Stock
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